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Yiwu Zandy Import & Export Co., Ltd. is located in No. 117, Qiushi Road, Beiyuan. It covers an area of 500 square meters and has two independent professional photography rooms and two thousand square meters of warehouses.

Yiwu Zandy Import & Export Co., Ltd. has considerable trade advantages in scarves, luggage, hats, leggings, jewelry and so on, under the premise of ensuring quality, so that customers can the lowest price, the fastest speed of each transaction Because it has an experienced professional high-quality foreign trade talent and a strong and long-term cooperation and win-win situation under the factory.

Yiwu Zandy Import & Export Co., Ltd. has the tenet of "survive in good faith, seek stability by reciprocity, seek development by joint, innovate and progress", and stick to the concept of "thinking customers" Demand for the establishment of scientific and flexible enterprise management system and quality management system, is trying to open up the market to a more professional and standardized starting. Zandi import and export, affecting the world!

We have always believed that in the highly competitive foreign trade industry, the core competitiveness is talent. Human resources is the primary productive force, the company is currently building a high-level core team.

We have a sound salary incentive system, including performance commission, the end of the year dividends and management team, and we hope to find talent and work together with us, the Yiwu Zandi Import and Export Co., Ltd. into a great company.

Vision (dream): to create efficient and standardized cross Wuzhou professional international trading company, the achievements of partners to create noble team.

Mission: Customer: Through our professional team of quality service, so that customers have more profits, more standardized, long-term development.

Employees: Let the people who pay hard to get rich first.

Suppliers: to promote integrity of Chinese suppliers to the world, as "Made in China" more respected by the world struggle to achieve the dream of Chinese suppliers of wealth.

The total mission slogan: "Made in China" more respected by the global struggle and endless! For our common dream and endless struggle!

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